Join HAWC in wearing denim on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, to bring attention to Sexual Assault Awareness Month and protest victim-blaming. This campaign grew from an Italian Supreme Court case overturning a rape conviction because the justices felt that since the survivor was wearing tight jeans during the attack, she must have helped the perpetrator remove them, thereby implying consent.

We live in a culture that often blames the victim, particularly women: “What was she wearing? Was she drinking? Why did she put herself in that situation?” This implies that a woman who is not constantly on alert for potential perpetrators is somehow responsible if an assault happens. Victim-blaming can make it harder for survivors to come forward and share their assault experiences. The traumatic effects can be devastating and can last for years, even a lifetime.

At HAWC, we see survivors healing from trauma every day. Survivors are encouraged to call HAWC’s Sexual Assault Hotline at 713-528-RAPE (7273) or access the LiveChat on our website:

Learn more about victim-blaming and how to support survivors at

Together, we can raise awareness about sexual assault, fund support services, and drive real change in our community. Our staff and the survivors we work with would love to see your support. Tag us on social media with your photos on Denim Day: @hawctalk!

ICYMI: Hear directly from survivors during our Sexual Assault Media Event.

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