At Houston Area Women's Center, we believe it is only by truly listening to the powerful voices of survivors that we can create meaningful change. That's why we are launching an explosive new campaign called #SurvivorsSpeak.

This groundbreaking video series features the firsthand accounts and moving stories of courageous survivors. For too long, our society has blamed, shamed, and silenced those impacted by sexual violence. #SurvivorsSpeak is designed to elevate these vital voices and perspectives that have been marginalized for far too long.

The simple truth is this: 8 out of 10 survivors know their perpetrator. Most survivors never report to law enforcement due to a lack of trauma-informed resources and victim-blaming narratives. To get to the root of this crisis, we must engage the entire community.

When survivors like Ana Polanco speak up, they put themselves in a vulnerable place with the hope that their story provides comfort to others who have had similar experiences. Ana says:

"Talking about sexual violence is deeply personal and painful but also healing. My hope is that by sharing my story, others know their experience is relatable and that there are supportive spaces to heal."

At HAWC, we know healing is possible because we see it every day. But the path is difficult when survivors’ truths are not believed, when their needs are not centered, when their voices are not amplified.

That’s why the #SurvivorsSpeak campaign is so vital. We are asking you, our supporters who make this work possible, to:

Believe when #SurvivorsSpeak.Listen when #SurvivorsSpeak.Support when #SurvivorsSpeak.Advocate when #SurvivorsSpeak.Act when #SurvivorsSpeak.

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