HUD Privacy Act

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Privacy Act
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) gathers information on employees, individuals applying for HUD programs, business partners, contractors and clients. The Privacy Act of 1974 established controls over what personal information is collected by the federal government and how it is used.

The Act grants rights to United States citizens and legal permanent residents. Under the Privacy Act you:

Have the right to see records about yourself; and
Can correct a record that is inaccurate, irrelevant, untimely, or incomplete.

The Act mandates that the Government:

Informs you why information is being collected and how it is going to be used;
Assures that information is accurate, relevant, complete and up-to-date before disclosing it to others;
Allows you to find out about disclosures of your records to other agencies or persons; and
Provides you with the opportunity to correct inaccuracies in your records.

The Privacy Act applies only to records about individuals maintained by agencies in the executive branch of the government. It applies to these records only if they are kept in a “system of records.” A “system of records” is a group of records from which the information was retrieved by an individual’s name, social security number, date of birth or some other personal identifier.

How do you request information under the Privacy Act?
You may request access to the records maintained about you by HUD in person or in writing. You must show proof of identity before HUD can give you your records.

Generally, a document with your photograph (building pass, driver’s license, etc.) is accepted proof of identity. Written requests for access can establish proof of identity by a notarized statement or equivalent.

If you are making a written request, address your letter to:

Privacy Act Officer
Department Of Housing and Urban Development
451 7th St. SW, Room 10139
Washington, DC 20410

Be sure to write “Privacy Act Request” clearly on both the letter and the envelope
Give as much information as possible about what records are being requested and include the name of the “systems of records” notice, if known.

Requests for personnel records can be made directly to the Office of Human Resources. The policies, procedures, and guidelines for the implementation of HUD’s Privacy Act Program are contained in Handbook 1325.01, REV-01, Privacy Act Handbook. Also, please see HUD’s Privacy Principles.