Home Safe: Housing for Survivors

Ending the cycle of violence means survivors must have a safe place to call home; access to long-term, affordable housing options is essential. Too often, women, children and families are forced to stay in abusive homes or face homelessness.

Research tells us that:

    • Domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness for women and children in the United States.
    • Without safe housing, survivors either return to homelessness or stay with an abuser, compromising their safety and increasing chances of fatality.
    • Survivors of domestic violence identify affordable housing second only to safety as a need.

In addition to emergency shelter, HAWC’s specialized team of Housing counselors and case managers:

    • Ensures survivors receive housing options tailored to their unique geographical needs.
    • Helps house survivors as quickly as possible through our “Rapid Re-Housing” program.
    • Offers support in the area of vocational and financial literacy.

Contact our hotline to learn more, 713-528-2121.
TTY: 346-295-8994.

Abuse of any kind does not define you. Survivors of domestic and sexual violence can still thrive and do amazing things even with a terrible past.

- Trudy, Childhood Sexual Abuse and Rape Survivor

Be part of the solution.