Help. Hope. Healing.

Operating Houston’s oldest and primary Rape Crisis Center, HAWC empowers all survivors of sexual assault, including women, children, families and sex trafficking survivors.

Our comprehensive Rape Crisis support and services include:

Our advocates and counselors are guided by principles that are trauma-informed, client-centered and prevention-based, with a goal of helping clients cope with their crisis, heal from their trauma, and regain a sense of trust and control in their lives.

HAWC’s work in the community includes our dynamic partnerships with schools, law enforcement and ally organizations, with a focus on prevention education to sexual violence.

If you need or to learn more about our Rape Crisis services, call our 24/7 free and confidential hotline 713-528-RAPE (7273). TTY: 346.295.8994.

Abuse of any kind does not define you. Survivors of domestic and sexual violence can still thrive and do amazing things even with a terrible past.

- Trudy, Childhood Sexual Abuse and Rape Survivor

Be part of the solution.