On February 28, 2024, HAWC held a press conference in the wake of the Houston Police Department’s revelation that they suspended more than 4,000 sexual assault investigations due to lack of personnel.  With an unprecedented level of attention on the issue of sexual assault, HAWC supported four courageous survivors as they stepped into the media spotlight to tell stories of their journey to healing amid indifferent systems and a culture that shames instead of supports survivors.

You can watch the press conference in full on YouTube.

When it comes to sexual assault, HAWC wants to emphasize:

  • Systems are built on the myth that attackers are strangers. In actuality, 8 out of 10 sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim already knows.
  • Sexual assault is prevalent. 1/3 of adult Texans experience some form of sexual assault throughout their lifetime according to a 2015 Texas Statewide Prevalence Study.
  • Solutions are at hand and healing is possible.

The nature of trauma and healing is often misunderstood and can be one reason why survivors are all too often met with stigma, minimization, and disbelief. As the Houston area’s designated rape crisis center, leading the County’s Sexual Assault Response Team, HAWC will continue advocating to establish a coordinated community response that centers the experiences of survivors. It is only by listening to the voices of survivors that we can deepen awareness and understanding of sexual assault and move toward real solutions and change.

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