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Support from United Way's THRIVE Program Partner, the Women's Resource Center

Mary Hawc and her child fled from an abusive relationship from her husband. She suffered physical, emotional, verbal and financial abuse. She decided to flee when she feared for her safety after several altercations. It was hard to do so because she worked with her abuser, he owned a business at the time and put her as co-owner in order to use her credit, she never got paid and wasn’t allowed to be part of anything that had to do with finances.

Last year we had the opportunity to work with one of United Way’s THRIVE program partners, the Women’s Resource Center.  The Women’s Resource had been visiting the shelter but had never worked with our non-residential clients.  Our main goal was to recruit clients for two sessions of the Your Life Possibility Groups to help survivors reach financial stability by focusing on helping individuals understand their money habits, attitudes and behaviors they need to change to reach their financial goals by focusing on increasing savings, decreasing debt, increasing credit score, understanding credit report and controlling emotional spending.

As Time Went By

While participating in the groups, Mary Hawc obtained employment and was actually offered a better position within the company in just a matter of weeks.  She is convinced that this program provided her the necessary tools and confidence she needed. She was able to increase her credit score and her savings as well.

Through our flexible funding we were also able to provide her with clothing and other essentials for her first days at work.

Clients comments during a case management session:

“No one had ever done something like this for me, this program impacted me drastically, it changed my view on finances, and it gave me tools on how to control my expenses and gave me ideas on ways I can save money, tools to control my expenses in advance. I didn’t have that education; it opened my mind…”

United Way’s THRIVE Program

United Way THRIVE, a collaborative launched and led by United Way of Greater Houston, leverages more than 20 nonprofit partners and partnerships with employers, community colleges, financial institutions and city and state agencies, to provide families with the best and most comprehensive resources, wraparound support and the services they need to reach real and lasting financial independence. United Way THRIVE helps families build stronger financial futures by acquiring skills and education, obtaining better jobs, developing good financial habits and building savings.