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Jane's Survivor Story and the Support of HAWC and NALCAB

Jane Hawc came to our Shelter fleeing from an abusive relationship with her partner.  She disclosed that the abuse was physical, sexual and financial.  Jane, who was pregnant at the time, fled with her 7 yr. old child during the night and only had her sweat pants, t-shirt and a small bag with some belongings. While at shelter, her case manager connected her to resources and among them was housing assistance.   She was approved for Housing and a new journey began.

The Journey Begins…

Jane expressed needing a lot of support in her apartment search as she had no transportation and many barriers due to the financial abuse including broken leases, prior evictions, loans taken out in her name and her identity had been stolen.  She expressed interest in living in a certain part of town and the case manager helped her find the right location.  During the application process, she was denied due to numerous evictions on her background. After getting consent, we were able to advocate for her, explaining that her identity was stolen and that we had police reports, which ultimately led to her approval.

Rapid Rehousing Program Support

Jane entered our Rapid Rehousing Program, was assisted with a deposit and rent, we also provided a bassinet, blankets, food and hygiene products.  The case manager met with client during inspection which is typically on moving day. The client’s unit was beautiful, with a big living room and a view to the pool. The unit passed inspection with flying colors and they proceeded to return to the office to sign documents. Client asked Case Manager to stay and accompany her while she waited for the leasing agent to print her lease.  Case Manager sat in the leasing office with her chatting until her lease was ready.   It was close to 7:00pm when they were finally done. Client was so thankful and grateful for the assistance, with tears in her eyes she said she could not believe we provided so much support.

As Time Progresses

Eventually, after Jane started working and saved her money (as part of her plan), client was able to purchase a car, which cut down exponentially on her transportation costs (she was using uber/lyft). Unfortunately, a few months later, client got into a car accident with an uninsured motorist and her car was totaled. Client was referred to legal for assistance in the legal battle. Case is still open.

NALCAB: National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders

Later in the year we began enrolling clients into the NALCAB (National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders) program, clients would attend three financial empowerment classes and also receive financial incentives. Jane actively engaged in the program and connected to the 3 virtual classes, Covid-19 was hitting us hard at this time and unfortunately client lost her job. After completion of the classes and receiving her incentive she was excited about the possibility of going back to school to obtain her CNA (Certified Nurse Aid) certificate, client used her NALCAB program incentive money as well as some flexible funding that we provided to achieve this goal, and even though she had suffered a car accident even receiving physical therapy she continued studying for her state board test and she passed, she is actively applying for jobs and has a couple of interviews already set up. She was able to buy a car with her tax return and Covid -19 incentives, her credit score has improved, she feels she has the necessary tools to continue making smart financial decisions, finally she is starting group counseling soon, now that her eldest is attending school she feels she has more time to focus on herself.

“Client stated in her most recent case management that she thanks God for putting HAWC on her path and sees a light at the end of the tunnel for the first time in a very long time.”

Grant Purpose: With the generous support of the Wells Fargo Foundation, The National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders – NALCAB will provide grants of $20,000 to 9 organizations for a grant period of June 22, 2020 – April 30, 2021 (10.5 months). In addition to grant funding, NALCAB will provide customized technical assistance and facilitate a community of practice among grantees. Under this award, NALCAB aims to support Latino and immigrant serving organizations to advance culturally relevant approaches to family financial health in low- and moderate-income Latino and immigrant communities, with a primary focus on responding and adapting to the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.