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Men are victims too. 1 IN 10 MEN will experience domestic or sexual violence in their lifetime.

A man was reportedly shot and killed during a domestic violence dispute with his wife, all while she was holding their baby in her arms. Our very own Chau Ngyuen from the Houston Area Women’s Center discusses statistics and resources for male victims of domestic violence.

Anyone can be an aggressor, and anyone can be a victim.

The domestic violence movement has traditionally focused on a gender binary, with men as perpetrators and women as victims. Social assumptions and prejudices about what constitutes manhood are largely responsible for male violence, but they also impact how we view and respond to male victims. Perpetrators of domestic violence against male victims include intimate partners, such as abuse by caregivers against disabled and / or elderly male victims.

Why don’t male victims of domestic violence report it?

Male survivors face added barriers of not being believed or ridiculed when they try to report it. They often face different stigmas than female survivors do, and these stigmas can prevent them from coming forward to report their abuse.

Men can also be afraid of the stereotype that men should be the stronger sex and the skepticism or lack of support by the police, judicial, and medical systems. Even as victims, men are at higher risk of losing custody, and therefore fearful of filing a report.

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