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Frequently Asked Questions

The decision to reach out is the first step in seeking help.

If you can’t find an answer, HELP is just a phone call away 24-hours-a-day.  If you are in immediate danger or need emergency assistance, call 911 first. Otherwise, for non-emergency situations, please use one of our Hotline numbers to find help.


Domestic Violence Hotline: (713) 528-2121

TDD Line: 713-528-3625

Toll Free: 1-800-256-0551


Sexual Assault Hotline: (713) 528-RAPE (7273)

TDD Line: 713-528-3691

Toll Free: 1-800-256-0661

Connecting with Services

How can I find shelter?

Our 24-Hour Hotlines are the gateway to our services, including shelter. From a safe place, please call our hotline to inquire about shelter, counseling and advocacy.

Domestic Violence Hotline 713.528.2121

Sexual Assault Hotline 713.528-7273 (RAPE)


I’m not ready to leave but want to talk to a counselor. How do I make an appointment?

For services related to domestic violence counseling and support, you can call our 24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline at 713.528.2121 for an appointment to meet with one of our counselors.

For services related to sexual assault or sexual abuse, please call our 24-Hour Rape Crisis Hotline 713.528-7273(RAPE).


What times do you offer counseling and group support?

Counseling is offered Tuesday through Saturday. We offer morning, afternoon and evening appointments and support groups. During your initial assessment and registration for services, we will discuss the times that might work best for you.


What can I expect from my first visit?

During your first appointment, a trained counselor or advocate will ask you to share information about your situation to find out if our services fit your needs or goals. We will explain our services and provide relevant information about sexual assault and/or domestic violence.  If you would like to receive our services, we will register you at that time.  We will also provide appropriate outside referrals if necessary.


Who will be my counselor?

You will be assigned to a counselor during your first meeting.


What if I have an emergency and the line is busy?

If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

Our hotline advocates want to ensure that each caller’s questions are answered and they are provided with helpful information and resources specific to their needs. This means that occasionally, all phone lines are occupied. Please wait a few minutes and call back.

Eligibility for Services

Who can access services?

Victim/Survivors of Domestic Violence (women and men ages 18 and older)
Victim/Survivors of Sexual Assault, Incest, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Sex Trafficking(women and men, children 5-18).
Victims of Dating Violence (pre-teens, teens, adults)
Children who have witnessed domestic violence (ages 6-18)


Are there any fees for services?

All of our services are provided free of charge. When applicable, we will offer referrals to other service providers, whose services may be free, sliding scale or for a fee.


Are your services confidential?



Do I have to give my name over the phone?

No, you may use an alias.


Do you offer services for men?

Yes, our services are available for all survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and their non-offending family and friends.


Do you offer services for abusers?

We do not offer Battering Intervention and Prevention classes, however our hotline can refer you to organizations offering these services. We do not offer couples counseling for domestic violence survivors and their abuser. We believe that the safety of domestic violence survivors is further jeopardized when they enter into couples counseling with their abusers.


Do you offer services in languages other than English?

Yes, our hotlines are staffed by English and Spanish speakers. We also have volunteers and staff who speak a number of different languages, and can also employ the use of a language line, which allows us to communicate with anyone speaking any language.


Do you offer services for those individuals with disabilities (hearing or vision impaired, mental health issues, physical disabilities)?

Yes, we assist all individuals with disabilities.


Can I bring my children with me?

Childcare is provided during some group times. Unfortunately, we cannot offer childcare for all appointments. When you call our hotline, you can ask if childcare will be available during your appointment time. You are welcome to bring an adult friend or a family member to watch your children in our facility during any appointment.

Hours of Operation

What are your business hours?

Our Counseling and Education Building, located at 1010 Waugh Drive, is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


Who can I talk to outside of business hours?

If you are in immediate danger, call 911. If you need to speak to someone about our services, shelter, or just need someone to listen you may call one of our 24-Hour Hotlines, which operate seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Domestic Violence Hotline 713.528.2121

Sexual Assault Hotline 713.528.7273


Are you open on weekends and holidays?

Our hotlines and shelter are available 24-hours-a-day. Our Counseling and Education Building is closed on Sundays and in observation of national holidays. All building closings are posted in advance to alert visitors.

Directions to HAWC

Mailing Address:

Houston Area Women’s Center

1010 Waugh Drive

Houston, TX 77019-3902

Get Directions 

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