Violence Prevention and Community Education
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Violence Prevention & Community Education

The Houston Area Women’s Center is committed to working with our communities to build greater understanding of domestic and sexual violence in order to reduce and ultimately prevent such violence.  Each year, our staff train and educate thousands of medical, law enforcement, mental health and legal professionals, youth, university students, faculty, staff and administrators, faith-based leaders, community leaders, neighborhood groups, and volunteers and advocates.

Professionals’ Trainings

HAWC trainings for professionals are designed to increase knowledge and understanding of domestic and sexual violence and to build specific skills that will enhance participants’ ability to safely support a person experiencing such violence.  Trainings combine lecture with activities; discussion is valued and encouraged.

If you are interested in hosting a professional training:

  • Please complete and submit a Training Request Form and someone will work with you to schedule a training for your team.
  • Please contact:

Martha Pacelli,  Ph.D

Manager of Violence Prevention & Community Education

Phone: (713) 528-6798 ext. 2263



Our Professional Training Program Offers:

For All Non-medical Professionals

(Social Workers; Faculty; Clergy; Law Enforcement;  Lawyers; Bartenders; etc):

  • Intimate Partner Violence/3Rs Advocacy (3 – 3.5 hours)
  • Sexual Violence/3Rs Advocacy (3 – 3.5 hours)
  • Teen Dating Violence/3Rs Advocacy (3 – 3.5 hours)


For All Medical Professionals

  • Medical Advocacy/RADAR Training (3 to 3.5 hours)

Community Education

HAWC Educators are out in the community engaging and educating audiences about domestic and sexual violence to support participants’ efforts to create relationships and neighborhoods free from such violence.  Workshops are interactive; discussion is valued and encouraged.

Our Community Education Covers:


For Adults:

  • Intimate Partner Violence 101 (90 minutes – 2 hrs)
  • Sexual Violence 101 (90 minutes – 2 hrs)
  • HAWC Services and Resources Overview (30-60 minutes)
  • Healthy Family Relationships Curriculum (Five 90 minute sessions) Includes Intimate Partner Violence 101, plus: examining gender roles and social norms; exploring the influence of media on relationships; identifying and expressing feelings and needs; and peaceful communication and conflict management skills.

For Youth (grades 9 – 12):

  • Peer Power: Understanding Teen Dating Violence and Safe Active Bystander Intervention (2 hours; grades 9 – 12)


For College and University Students:

  • Campus Intimate Partner Violence 101
  • Campus Sexual Violence 101 and Safe Active Bystander Intervention

Volunteer Training

Calling all Volunteers:

We at HAWC understand the vital role of volunteers in helping us to fulfill our mission to one day end domestic and sexual violence.  The Violence Prevention and Community Education department also conducts the agency’s Volunteer Training. Please visit the Volunteer Page to sign up.

* Please note: Crisis Intervention Training for Volunteers are limited to the first 25 registrants. Please make sure to register early!



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