Dear Friends of HAWC,

As we start the month of October and Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Houston Area Women’s Center finds itself on the front lines of an alarming rise in interpersonal violence.  By some estimates, domestic violence related murders at up 80% from this time last year, with no end to the violence in sight.  Still, without flinching and with fearless resolve, our HAWC team of counselors and front-line advocates continue to show up for the women, children and families we serve. 

Domestic and sexual violence have taken a relentless, devastating toll on our community.  Our advocates experience moments when trauma seems to have the upper hand.  Thankfully, there are also those blessed instances of triumph in the lives of survivors.  In the wake of the harm and hurt, their strength and courage are inspiring.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is the month when survivors and advocates take the mic and speak out about what many of our fellow Houstonians perhaps only hear and watch on the news.  This is our time tell the truth about who is being affected most, and why.  It is also our chance to spotlight the resilience of survivors, and to advocate for the policies that they need and deserve.  And, it is an opportunity to ask for your help and get involved.

We know that interpersonal violence is preventable.  The Houston Area Women’s Center will be advancing a four-part platform with actionable items underneath each one. Please click here to find out more about our advocacy campaign:

  • Enforce Local Gun Safety Laws
  • Increase Safety for Survivors
  • Improve Offender Accountability
  • Advance a Violence Prevention Framework

Let us work together and raise our voices to save lives and stop abuse before it starts.

 Until it stops, 

Emilee Dawn Whitehurst
President and CEO
Houston Area Women’s Center