Thank you for donating items to HAWC! Your donation helps meet the basic needs of survivors as they lead lives free from violence, and helps HAWC maintain its lifesaving operations.

You can give in two ways:

  1. Purchase items on our Amazon wishlist. This list is updated regularly to reflect our clients’ most urgent needs. Items ship directly to our facility.
  2. Drop off items at our facility. Before gathering your items, please consult our guidelines below. When your items are ready for drop-off, please contact to coordinate. You will also need to fill out our donation form.

As per HAWC’s Gift Acceptance Policy:

We DO accept:

Items for clients:

    • Prepackaged, unexpired food/beverages
    • NEW clothing for adults including shower shoes; jeggings sizes L, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X; women’s underwear, bras cup sizes C, D, DD, DDD
    • NEW clothing and shoes for infants and toddlers
    • NEW toys that do not normalize violence
    • Diapers, pull-ups, and baby wipes
    • Regular-size hygiene products like shampoo, soap, conditioner, lotion, deodorant, razors, toothpaste
    • Haircare, makeup, combs, for women of color
    • First aid items
    • NEW Luggage/Bags to carry items
    • Detergent/bleach
    • NEW Smaller home appliances like toasters, coffee makers

Items for HAWC services and operations:

    • Cleaning supplies like PineSol/Pine o Pine
    • KN95 masks
    • Lysol wipes and Clorox wipes
    • Clorox for washing linens

Items and experiences to be sold in an auction or raffle to benefit HAWC

We DO NOT accept:

    • EXPIRED food or beverages
    • Items that normalize violence
    • Alcohol products, except for use at HAWC’s special events
    • Tobacco products
    • Travel-size or hotel hygiene products (soaps, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc.)
    • Furniture. Please reach out to HAWC’s partner, The Houston Furniture Bank, if you have furniture you’d like to donate.

Be part of the solution.