For 45 years, the Houston Area Women’s Center has been on the front lines of advancing the rights and dignity of survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

As we continue to center their voices, advocating for the policies and resources our clients deserve, we are angry, disappointed, and stunned by today’s Supreme Court ruling, which effectively eliminates abortion care in Texas.

This decision greatly affects the clients we serve.  It has robbed them of a fundamental right, one with enormous implications for their ability to heal and to build a life free from coercion and violence.  Pregnancies occur because of violence like rape, incest, sexual assault, sex trafficking, reproductive coercion, and domestic violence.  Our clients already face systemic and discriminatory barriers in accessing health care and the historic failure to invest in communities of color.  An abortion ban creates terrible hardships for our clients during their time of tremendous ordeal.

As advocates, we grieve the Supreme Court’s decision. But it is imperative that we stay the course, answering the call to support all survivors, their ability to heal on their own terms, and their right to decide when and whether to bear children.


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