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What is #HAWCFutureForward? How is HAWC Expanding Safety and Improving Access?

#HAWCFutureForward - Expand Safety and Improve Access

HAWC has developed a plan to address the region’s inability to provide sufficient access to real-time safety to families fleeing violence and to meet the critical emotional, financial, and housing needs required to interrupt the cycle of abuse.

Expand Safety

HAWC will expand and renovate its current residential shelter into a flagship campus. The campus will transition from being an undisclosed location, available only to shelter residents, to being a publicly disclosed address. Residential and non-residential clients will have access to life-changing services in a safe and secure environment.

To dramatically reduce our turn-away rate and triple our existing residential capacity, HAWC plans to construct a new Emergency Supportive Housing building on the campus, which will include 135 housing units and accommodate 360 survivors of domestic and sexual violence, including sex trafficking, for up to 12 months.

Designs for the Emergency Supportive Housing facility are complete, and we are expected to break ground in early 2023.

Improve Access

To improve access to HAWC’s services and establish a consistent presence in communities where data shows that our services are most needed, we plan to establish four new Neighborhood-Based Survivor Empowerment hubs. Our advocates will provide comprehensive services on-site. Clients needing an immediate, safe place to live will have access to HAWC’s residential housing through these hub locations.

The new multi-site neighborhood-based service delivery model will replace our non-residential facility on Waugh Drive, just south of Buffalo Bayou.