HAWC offers safety and provides comprehensive, life-saving services for all survivors of domestic and sexual violence, including families and transgender children.

Governor Abbott’s recent directive to investigate parents seeking gender-affirming treatments for child abuse creates added barriers and puts families at greater risk of harm and abuse.

“This is political theatre aimed at terrorizing children and families, and so far, Governor Abbot has largely succeeded,” said Cristan Williams, a transgender advocate and survivor of sexual assault who sought counseling services at HAWC. “It’s psychological terrorism, only meant to inspire loyalty among Abbott’s base,” Williams added.

Cristan Williams

Governor Abbott’s directive results from a recent legal opinion by Texas Attorney general Ken Paxton. While Paxton asserts his opinion “does not address or apply to medically necessary procedures,” groups from the American Psychological Association to the American Medical Association deem gender-affirming care medically necessary.

“It’s important for families impacted by this stunt to understand why it’s a stunt,” Williams said.

Studies have shown gender-affirming care has been linked to a reduction in suicide, mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, and substance abuse.

At HAWC, we are committed to supporting all survivors, and our duty to provide support and services to all families, including to transgender survivors and their rights to bodily autonomy, remain a top priority.

Gender-affirming care is NOT child abuse, and failing to report about a minor gender transitioning is NOT a criminal offense.

Victim-advocate privilege and privacy rights still apply to support all survivors we serve, and we will continue to provide support, 24/7, free and confidential.

Survivors are encouraged to call our Hotlines or LiveChat with us for assistance. All services are confidential and free of charge.

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