The Harris County Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) published its inaugural Biennial Report on the state of sexual assault in Houston and Harris County. SART members include law enforcement agencies, medical providers, community-based advocates, labs, and criminal justice systems from across Harris County.  

HAWC has used the data from the SART report, survivor experiences, and organizational knowledge collected over the more than four decades of advocating for survivors to outline the major systemic issues of reporting a sexual assault.  

“If the systems we use to report sexual assault could be part of the healing process, instead of contributing to it, this world would be a safer place.”HAWC Sexual Assault Survivor

According to TX DPS, 3,779 sexual assaults were reported to law enforcement in Harris County in 2021. That number doesn’t truly show the devastating prevalence of sexual assault, as most go unreported. Less than 10% of all sexual assaults are reported to law enforcement. Individually and collectively, this team is committed to the implementation and maintenance of a comprehensive, trauma-informed system of intervention and care for survivors of sexual assault in Harris County.  

“Reporting a sexual assault is one of the only crimes where the victim’s credibility is constantly in question. Survivors of sexual assault deserve an opportunity for justice, access to resources, compassion, and respect when engaging in services and navigating the criminal justice system.” – HAWC Deputy CEO Sonia Corrales