Houston Area Women's Center | Pride and LGBTQ+
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Pride and LGBTQ+

June is National Pride Month. Pride is about being visible, owning who you are, coming together to celebrate how far the community has come, and keeping up the fight for full equality. There may not be a parade this year but Pride still shines bright and loud as ever.


We celebrate Pride month to support survivors of ALL races, genders, and sexual orientations.


The tendency of society to assign sex, gender and sexuality into only two roles and assume everyone fits these roles is called cisnormativity. Upholding rigid roles along the lines of gender, and sexuality has been linked to gender based violence including domestic violence, sexual violence and discrimination. At HAWC we believe in ending violence for ALL. We stand with our clients to help them break down various barriers they have so they can lead happy and healthy lives.

Resources to help show your Pride Inside:

Click here for Pride Events and Volunteer Opportunities near you

Click here for Pride themed Spotify Playlists

Click here for Drag Queen Story Time

Click here for a Pride Inside activity book

Thank you to our friends at HRC for Pride Inside tools!

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