Houston Area Women's Center | HAWC statement on the murder of George Floyd
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HAWC statement on the murder of George Floyd


HAWC statement on the murder of George Floyd


The Houston Area Women’s Center envisions the day when intimate partners, families, communities and civic culture foster safe, healthy and empowering relationships. To help bring about that day, we provide direct services to survivors of interpersonal violence, their support networks, and communities. We also mobilize to address the root causes of violence.

The slaying of George Floyd, an African American Houstonian, is the latest in a horrifying stream of murders of African American men and women at the hands of police officers and community vigilantes plagued by racism. This violence is not new; it is just now being caught on tape.

For over 43 years, we have been answering the call of survivors of domestic and sexual violence.  We are a multi-racial staff serving thousands of women, men and children of color every year who have suffered interpersonal violence.

We know from our own lives and by walking alongside survivors as they heal from trauma, that the forces that led to the murder of George Floyd are the same ones that consistently contribute to cycles of interpersonal violence in our clients’ lives.

We value the criminal justice system as a critical partner. Tragically but understandably, many survivors fear calling the police.  Most who use our services do not turn to law enforcement for help.

Our front-line crisis counselors are often called to stand in the breach between individuals in danger and a community that has lost confidence in those who are supposed to protect them.

We also know that because interpersonal violence is predictable, it is preventable.

It is our hope that this moment of necessary outrage will translate into concrete action to upend inequities that otherwise inevitably lead to violence and chaos.

It’s time for us to be better than this.

Emilee Whitehurst
President & CEO

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