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Host a Community Partner Event

Throughout the year, local restaurants, clothing boutiques, rock bands and art galleries hold special events to raise awareness of the Houston Area Women’s Center and raise funds that allow us to continue our services. You can too! Turn your next bake sale, birthday party, fashion show, celebration or special event into an opportunity to build awareness while raising funds. Your contributions help provide shelter, counseling and advocacy to survivors and support proven education programs that stop violence before it starts.

Community Partner Event Guidelines

The Houston Area Women’s Center (HAWC) is deeply grateful for the generosity of friends in the community who share our commitment to ending domestic and sexual violence. HAWC’s Board of Directors has adopted these guidelines for individuals and organizations interested in planning an event or promotion that will benefit the HAWC.

What You Need to Do
  1. Submit a completed Community Partner Events Application & Events Guidelines Form to the Houston Area Women’s Center for review at least four weeks in advance of your event. Once your event application is submitted, you will receive a written response regarding your event within 14 business days.
  2. Please submit the donation from your event within 30 days following its conclusion.
  3. If your event qualifies to use HAWC’s logo, all promotional materials must follow the graphic standards HAWC provides. All promotional materials, press releases and related materials should be coordinated with the HAWC to ensure they meet brand standards.
  4. The person representing the event must obtain any necessary permits, licenses or insurance. HAWC will not insure your event, nor assume any legal or financial liability associated with your event. Further, we will not indemnify you or any party involved in your event for any damage, expense or other costs arising or in any manner related to your event.
  5. In order to better coordinate fundraising activities, we ask that you provide us with a list of targeted sponsors for your event before they are approached. Please remember that many individuals, businesses and organizations support the HAWC and may already be committed financially to our organization.
What HAWC Can Provide

HAWC is able to provide the following support services for third party events:

  1. Use of our logo (for events raising $1,000 or more) and name (for events raising $50 or more) upon review and approval of event and materials
  2. Informational brochures and fact sheets about domestic violence, sexual assault and HAWC services
  3. Promotion via website and social media channels (for events raising $5,000 or more)
  4. Written tax receipts to donors who give directly to the HAWC
  1. Please make your contribution payable to the “Houston Area Women’s Center.”
  2. Events should complement the mission and image of the HAWC. Events that demean or degrade women, are sexually oriented in nature, or promote violence will not be approved.
  3. The event must be promoted and conducted in a manner to avoid the statement or appearance of HAWC endorsing any product, firm, organization, individual or service.
  4. HAWC will not be a conduit for expense or vendor payments made in connection with the event – (i.e. you cannot have vendors bill HAWC for services rendered as part of your event.)
  5. Events must comply with all federal, state and local laws governing charitable fundraising and gift reporting.
  6. Community events are not exclusive and HAWC may enter into similar ventures with other organizations or companies at the same time.
  7. Event organizers and sponsors are prohibited from speaking on behalf of the agency in the media. You may state that, “this event benefits/supports the Houston Area Women’s Center, whose mission is to assist survivors of domestic and sexual violence.” Upon request, HAWC may supply a media spokesperson for interview opportunities and event promotion when appropriate.
  8. You may not use HAWC’s tax exemption in any manner as a part of the promotion, and/or represent to the public that you enjoy any tax exempt rights or privileges as a result of HAWC participation in the promotion or event.
  9. If HAWC will not receive 100% of the amount paid/donated by participants, the event advertising must say, “A portion of the event proceeds will benefit the Houston Area Women’s Center.”
  10. Fundraisers involving raffle sales and gambling are strictly prohibited.
  11. HAWC has a Donor Confidentiality and Privacy Policy that prohibits the sharing of donor mailing lists or other confidential donor information with third parties.

Thank you again for your interest in hosting an event benefitting HAWC. We recognize your dedication, time and effort to support survivors of domestic and sexual violence and appreciate your understanding that our guidelines protect our reputation and ability to deliver services to those in need.

Please adhere to our established guidelines and contact us immediately if there are any changes to your event. If circumstances warrant, HAWC may at any time direct you to cancel the event. We look forward to staying in touch with you as your event progresses and welcome your questions.

Until written permission is received, the name “Houston Area Women’s Center (HAWC)” should not be used for any purpose and donations should be not solicited.

Community Partner Events receive:


  • Women’s Center informational materials for distribution at your event.
  • Use of Women’s Center name (for events raising $50 and higher) and logo (for events raising $1,000 and higher) for your event advertising, publications, and promotional materials.
  • Presence of a Women’s Center representative at your event (for events raising $1,000 and higher), subject to availability.


The success of your event matters to us!

Please complete and return our Community Partner Events Application and Event Guidelines Form to:

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