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Early violence prevention at inaugural Summer Youth Leadership program

In an effort to motivate teens to start early and lead the future of violence prevention, 12 Houston-area high school students participated in the agency's newly-created Summer Youth Leadership program. The teens completed 100 hours with our Violence Prevention and Community Education team, learning primary prevention and how the Women's Center works towards its mission, and creating their own violence prevention project for future use among their peers. 

Upon completion of the program, the students facilitated educational discussions with teens at the Boys & Girls Club of Houston and the MECA School, produced an anti-violence digital PSA, and created their own model violence prevention agency.

It is our belief that violence can be prevented, and that it is most effective when learned early. We're proud of these teens for helping to lead this effort! To learn more about our Violence Prevention and Community Education program, or to make an education request, click here.