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Manage all of your fundraising here. Upload a photo or video, customize your message, track your goal and thank your donors.



Tips to Help You Promote Your Fundraising Page:


Spread the Word

It's easy!


  • Copy and paste your personal fundraising URL into emails, text messages, message boards, comments, or chats.
  • Share your fundraising page on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the link above or in your confirmation email.


Put the Donation Form on Your Site

If you have a personal blog or website, you can put the form right on your own site and allow folks to donate there. You will still get credit for the donations, and the money still goes directly to the Houston Area Women’s Center.


Simply copy the fundraising snippet from the “Tools” tab above and paste it into the html view of your blog or website.


Thank Donors and Follow Up with Non-donors

When someone donates on your personal fundraising page, we will send you an email to let you know who they are and how much they donated. It’s a great opportunity to send them a quick email to thank them for the donation!


Since you now know who has already donated based on the email notifications, you can also follow up with those who have not donated yet with a simple reminder using the tools mentioned above.