Year-End Campaign


Because of your support, day after day we hear survivors of domestic and sexual violence make encouraging statements. These affirming words are proof that each time you make a financial gift to Houston Area Women’s Center, it is unquestionably re-gifted in the most powerful and inspiring way possible -- making a real difference in real people’s lives in real time.


Throughout this and recent years, we have watched the statistics on domestic violence and sexual assault rise in Houston. We know that this data is about more than numbers – numbers like those found in the Texas Council on Family Violence 2015 Honoring Texas Victims Report: 158 deaths in Texas, a 20% increase over 2014, and 34 deaths in Harris County. Lives hang in the balance…now and for the foreseeable future. Houston Area Women’s Center believes the future can be changed. We believe we can and will make a real difference in our clients’ lives. We also know we will one day end domestic and sexual violence in Houston through prevention and education. We truly and without question need your help to succeed in this life-saving work.


As you make your year-end gifts this holiday season, we hope the Houston Area Women’s Center is at the top of your list. We promise your gift is a gift you will absolutely want re-gifted – by way of hope and understanding through impactful services and resources. We still have $400,000 left to raise this year. Your generosity will make certain we can continue providing our critical services to all who need them.