Sexual Assault Services


The Houston Area Women’s Center is the Rape Crisis Center for the City of Houston, and we serve everyone who calls our hotline. If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, please call our 24-Hour Sexual Assault Hotline at 713.528.7273. 


Advocacy is provided for adult survivors of stranger and non-stranger sexual assault.


The Houston Area Women’s Center offers: 

Emergency Assistance 

Survivors are encouraged to call our Sexual Assault Hotline for immediate assistance. Our advocates will connect survivors with resources and information to aid them in coping with the after effects of the assault or abuse.

Crisis Intervention and Advocacy are available between 9-5 at our office located at 1010 Waugh Drive Houston, TX 77019


Hospital Accompaniment

Our dedicated advocates report directly to area hospitals to help survivors understand what has happened to them, what to expect physically and psychologically after the assault, advocate on their behalf with medical and law enforcement professionals and connect them to critical resources available to them within their communities. 

Accompaniment to hospitals, laws enforcement offices, prosecutors’ offices and court is also provided to adult survivors of stranger and non-stranger sexual assault

Counseling for Sexual Assault/Abuse Survivors

Individual and group counseling and support services for survivors who are impacted by sexual violence committed by someone known to the survivor as well as a stranger. Community-based counseling and advocacy services provided for individuals with disabilities. Services are provided in English and Spanish, but all languages can be accommodated. 

Violence Prevention and Community Education

The Houston Area Women’s Center is committed to working with our communities to build greater understanding of the issues of domestic and sexual violence. Each year, our staff train and educate thousands of medical, law enforcement, mental health and legal professionals, youth, university students and administrators, educators, faith-based leaders, community leaders, volunteers and advocates. For more information, learn more about our Violence Prevention and Community Education program.