Fall 2016


"On January 14, 2016, my daughter and I entered the Houston Area Women’s Center shelter. Nervous, afraid, and anxious are only a few of the emotions I felt on that night. At the same time I knew it was a blessing to have such an opportunity, but I had no idea how much of a blessing it would be. Every experience was a positive one during my stay at the shelter. I thank the Houston  Area Women’s Center for giving me a safe and nurturing environment to stay while I was picking up the pieces of our lives."


Client at Houston Area Women's Center shelter



The Houston Area Women’s Center serves more than 81,000 people like Karla and her daughter each year.


When clients like Karla share their stories of inspiration and hope, the staff and volunteers are heartened to know that we are one step closer to ending domestic violence. When Karla entered our shelter, she was leaving a dangerous and frightening situation that was happening in her own home, a place that was supposed to be safe and loving. Today, we are happy to share that Karla and her little girl are thriving together in a life free from violence.

As President and CEO of the Houston Area Women’s Center, I am asking for your help. Consider making a charitable gift so that we can continue to serve survivors like Karla. Join us as we work towards a future free from the devastating effects of domestic and sexual violence. For as little as $50, your gift can provide one night of  safety and support at our shelter. Each year, HAWC helps thousands of women and children who have fled violent and dangerous home situations. And because of your generosity, we can offer each survivor not just a safe place to stay, but a variety of services that fit their individual needs. From crisis intervention to safety planning, all the way to assistance with transportation and permanent housing. Your generous gift will save lives.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a time when we remember those who have suffered or died in senseless acts of domestic violence, and honor those who have made the courageous choice to move their lives forward. We know for every happy story like Karla’s, there are countless more people who need help. Can we count on you to help us create more happy endings like Karla’s and her daughter’s? All of us here thank you in advance for your generous support.